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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Germany, here we come!

We've been preparing for this trip for a while...but it's finally almost here! This past week the kids and I have been hitting Wal-Mart and Target for final purchases like travel shampoo and the like. I think we have everything we need. (and I've almost finished packing for the 4 of us even though we don't actually leave until Tues.)

So Gideon LOVES it when I sing to him. And almost every task in our day has a song: "Lotion Time", "Put Your Little Bum", "Flinestone Kid", etc... (you get the picture)

Well, for the past month, if I don't sing the song that goes with what we're doing, Gideon will remind me and say, "Momma, sing it!" He also requests the theme songs from his favorite shows, so a typical exchange will be:
Gideon: "Super Why!" Momma, sing it!
Daisha: Who's got the power, the power to read...

So the other day we were in Target and Gideon spotted Tinker Bell. He knows who Tinker Bell is because of Madison. But what threw me off was that he said, "Tinker Bell, Momma, sing it!"

I told him that I didn't know a Tinker Bell song. I mean, I could sing almost any song from "Peter Pan", but I was in the middle of Target. Gideon looked a little disappointed and started singing under his breath, "Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell, Tinker all the way."

And there you go... my son is confusing a beloved Christmas carol for a song about a fairy. Great. :S

I hope to be posting from Germany... but in case I don't,
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
and stay tuned for lots of pictures from our trip overseas.


April said...

Very cute story about Tinker Bell!

I'm so excited that all 4 of you are getting to go to Germany. It is fun to have passports for your kiddos, isn't it?! I hope you have a wonderful time. Definitely take lots of pictures...I look forward to seeing them! Make some wonderful memories. Enjoy the trip.

Thanks for what you said on my blog about our marriage. That was quite a compliment! :)

Have fun in Germany!!!!

Katherine said...

Tinker Bell . . .
classic!! :)

I hope you guys have a wonderful trip!!!

Brett, April, Caden & Corban said...

take notes for us on the germany trip with 2 little ones in the cold...we're planning on doing that in march.

Tiffany said...


I hope you all have a blast, and please say hi to Kelli and to the British Isles for me!