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Monday, December 15, 2008

Clearing my Memory Card for the Trip

In addition to clearing my memory card... I'm going to take a moment to brag on my son.

Gideon surprises me with the way he thinks about others, their feelings, and how he loves people. Now, I'm not saying that Gideon is some guru to follow, I'm just saying that he's surprisingly sweet.

For example: If I have on a new shirt, he will notice and tell me I look pretty.

He notices when people are sad and tries to cheer them up.

And the latest comes in story form:

The kids and I were getting some trip-shopping done at Target earlier this week. As is our custom, if the kids have been good, we visit the toys. (we just visit... say hello and leave)

As we passed quickly through the Barbie aisle, Gideon suddenly exclaimed, "Madison would love that!" Looking to where he was pointing I saw a sparkly, princess Barbie that Madison would indeed (and does) enjoy. So I presented him with a few different options to be sure that she was indeed the doll for Madison, and we got it. Then I told him that we also needed to get a gift for Hudson. As we headed back to the "boy-toys" I reminded Gideon that we weren't getting a gift for him, but for Hudson. So I asked him what Hudson likes, to which he replied, "Hudson likes trains." Gideon found the perfect gift for Hudson and didn't once ask for something for himself.

I was (and am) so proud of my little boy.

The following slide-show has some video footage at the end. Enjoy!
(Oh, and JR is preaching in Peterhead, Scotland. He will blog about it on his blog.)


emily said...

have a WONDERFUL TRIP!! you know i want to pack myself in your bag and go with you!!! (now that'd have to be a BIG BAG!) tell everyone in peterhead hello. i think you need to teach gideon a little doric while you're there. (i dunna kin fit ya dee-in!) we'll be praying for you, and i cannot wait to hear all about it. it will be beautiful there this time of year.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad y'all are getting to go to Scotland. i know you love it there! I'll be praying that God speaks to you in clear and powerful ways that you can know where and how He wants you to serve. [and if it's scotland, you can just skip over to tanzania anytime for a safari vacation:)]

Tiffany said...

What a tender heart Gideon has! You have a wonderful boy to be proud of. (Not to mention his sister's sweet little disposition, too!)

Have a blast -- you all will be in our prayers.

CC said...

I hope you all have a great trip. Thanks for sharing the cute video of your kiddos! Merry Christmas.