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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Naomi's 8th Monthabirthday

I can't believe she's 8 months already!

We expect her to take her first steps any day now. She is standing by herself for a few seconds at a time and tries to start walking, but hasn't gotten it all down yet.

Her gums are still VERY bumpy... but no teeth yet.

She finds almost everything Gideon does hilarious.

She's got this new scruntchy-faced, snorty laugh that gets me every time.

After having a hard time earlier this month with eating and sleeping, I realized that I was underfeeding her (of all things). We worked that out, and she is now eating (and keeping down) everything I'm introducing to her. And since she isn't hungry anymore, she's sleeping again. (yeah)

Clapping is about to be another things on her list of accomplishments. She will bang two toys together with the clapping motion, but she hasn't actually clapped yet.

As always, she is AWESOME!



Brett, April, Caden & Corban said...

we are having the same sleeping issues at our house. i only figured out the underfeeding problem yesterday so we'll see....i was beginning to think he thought he was a newborn again. seriously, he was waking every 3 hours. madness. -AE

Anne said...

Awww, she's starting to look more like Raisin :D

Anne said...

hey, where did my face go? I'm trying to fix this... D, thanks for letting me play on your blog :D

Riss said...

Your kids are getting so big! I love it that in all Naomi's pictures she has a huge smile, and Gideon looks like the best older brother (and very mischievous). I wish we lived closer to you guys because I'd love to meet them. Hopefully we can meet up at Harding one of these years.