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Saturday, September 27, 2008

28th Monthabirthday

Gideon is 28 months old today.

I'm in Atlanta with Hannah and Katie, so Gideon has been kickin' it with JR and Naomi this weekend.

He bursts out with new sentences every day. It's really funny to experience how his language is developing.

I hear that he played outside ALL DAY today.

Happy 28th, G!


April said...

Hey! Is Hannah coming back via I-75? If so, please have her call me or email me or something!!! We are just a few minutes off the road and would love to have her stop in for a while.

I'm very sorry I could not join you ladies this weekend. David's on call and we have no family here to help with the kiddos. But if you're ever in the East TN area...look me up!

Or...plan next year's getaway to the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area and stay with us for free! (we're within one hour of lots of attractions!) Yeah, I miss you guys. :)

But I hope you had fun!!!

Katie said...

Glad you got to come to the ATL! Sorry you missed Gideon's 28th monthabirthday. Hope you guys had fun the last few days! I will try to get the pictures up as soon as possible!