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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Naomi's 5th Monthabirthday

Yesterday was Naomi's 5th monthabirthday. We spent the day as a Girl's Day. Debby, Naomi, and I went to the mall (and Gideon is in Searcy at "Camp Gigi and Papa Dan").

So, every day Naomi becomes more and more her own person. She is reaching for EVERYTHING. She talks constantly (when she's not too busy smiling).

"Roll-Over Day" was June 27.

She LOVES her walker. She can push herself backwards.

Gideon is one of her favorites (and I think the feeling is mutual).

When she hears us making her bottle... she quiets down and starts smiling again.

I hesitate to post about her sleeping habits, because every time I do, she starts waking up every 3 hrs... So we'll leave it at: I have nothing to complain about.

With all the craziness from this last month, we haven't pushed the baby food. She has, however, been successful when we have given it to her. Now that I'm down to one kid for a few days, I can really focus on just her and getting a food-meal as part of her routine.

She continues to be a big baby. She is wearing 6-12 month clothing. (And what's weird to me is that when G was this size... he was walking.)

Now that Naomi is rolling over, she is wasting no time in working on getting up on all fours. And she has even discovered that she can scoot and pivot to get where she wants to go.

I have never been around such a smiley baby. She is calm and even-tempered.

We are really blessed to have her as a part of our family.


Tiffany said...

Happy 5 month, Naomi! I love that you coordinated your dress to match the wall -- you're so stylin'!

Enjoy girl time with your mama!

Jill said...

Naomi is so precious!! Thanks for the update and I love your new blog look. I've got to change mine. Can't wait to see pics of your new house!

Deborah said...

That smile is contagious! She is adorable.

Maggie W. said...

Gracious, that girl can smile! Love it!