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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gideon's Development

I am late in posting this. However, I feel like moving and not having internet at our house is a good excuse.

Since G's 2nd Birthday, his language has been exploding. It really felt like he woke up one morning talking in sentences. He understands the concept of plurals. He understands (and verbalizes) possession. He will call out the next letter of the alphabet when he's in the mood. And he's getting better with his colors. He will hand you the color you are asking for, but he will not look at an object you are asking about, and just guess a color. (I hear that he takes after his father in this way).

Gideon had such a great time living a Debby's house. He got to play out side in her little pool. He was much more adventurous this summer. And didn't even mind falling down.

He continues to potty-train himself. About once every day he tells me he needs to use the toilet (his word is "pie"... don't ask me why, I have no idea). He can also tell me if he's "dry" or "wet". Once we get back from Searcy (in the middle of July) we will begin focusing on potty training.

I was so excited to see Gideon's face when he saw the stripes I painted on his new walls and his race-car bedding. Once I get everything where I want it, I will post pictures of our house. But G LOVES his new room. And he will play in it by himself. (a new concept for our home)

Right now, Gideon is with Gigi and Papa Dan on his first "camp" experience. (and that would be camping according to my side of the family as opposed to actual camping that the Sheets have done) :) We miss him, but know that he is having a blast.

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Tiffany said...

Good work with the "pie," Gideon! I hope you're having fun in Searcy!