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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weigh-in (a day late)

Well I was getting frustrated because I hadn't really changed weight since moving into Debby's house. I felt like getting out of the 160's was nearly impossible.

Ya see... when I went in for my first pre-natal exam with Gideon (already wearing maternity pants) I weighed in at 160. And I hadn't seen a weight that started with a 1-5 since the summer of 2005. But this morning, much to my disbelief and joy, my scale read "159.5".

Now I realize that it's probably water weight, since I didn't drink very much water yesterday, but I feel like celebrating anyway.

I have also put up a new weight-loss ticker at the bottom of the blog.

So here's to celebrating the small accomplishments that spur on greater ones!



Carris Family said...

Way to go Daisha! I am celebrating with you today! I had my six month check up yesterday, so it is time for me to get serious about losing this baby weight...such a daunting task!! Good for you!! Molly

Tiffany said...

Woohoo! Celebrate those milestones! Go, Skinny Daisha, go!