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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gearing Up for the Big Move

So this week has already been crazy and we're not even to the move yet.

We are almost all packed up. And if Tiffany's movers ever show up to pack up her stuff, we'll actually feel like we're getting in gear.

This post is to let you, my faithful readers, that we are not going to be getting internet hooked up for a bit in our new house. However, I will be able to post from Debby's house.

So, don't despair... There will be posts... just not all the time.

(and I'm also working on a new lay-out)

Have a great end of June and keep us, the family coming to help us move, and Tiffany in your prayers.

1 comment:

robinscharff said...

hey, we're moving this week too! crazy. naomi is so precious-she's making me feel like wade is a skinny boy (which doesn't happen often since he's 16lbs. 9oz). congrats on hitting the 159 mark! so encouraging!!!