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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's the Day.

Here is my beginning of a new era. An era where I am open and honest with myself and you (the blog-readers)...

I am over-weight. Actually, according to the BMI, I am actually obese. (doesn't that just sound awful?)

I know... you guys (good-intentioned that you are) will be quick to remind me that I gave birth 6 weeks ago. But the truth is that I have been obese since Gideon was born and overweight my entire life. Even at my wedding I was 20 lbs. over what is recommended for my height.

And I'm owning up to it. I am confessing my lack of control when it comes to food, and my lack of will-power when it comes to exercising.

I have used my weight as an excuse to keep my distance from people. I used it as an excuse as to why I didn't date... didn't get "the part"... wasn't who I wanted to be.

But all that is at an end. Today's the day...

I have joined SparkPeople. I have a SparkPage.

And here are my goals:

1. Drink 8 8oz. glasses of water a day.
2. Track my nutrition with their nutrition tracker.
3. Exercise at least 10 min. a day.
4. (and following Jaime's example) I will blog every Monday about my progress.

I know that these aren't overly ambitious goals... yet. I want to set goals I can meet. I will increase my workouts as I figure out how to work them into my schedule. Plus, JR gave me an awesome X-mas gift certificate for 8 pilates work-outs at Fit&Functional with Kristen. I will be using those. And Kristen and I have a deal: she will whip me into shape and I'll teach her how to use her new sewing machine. :) Pretty good deal, huh?

I will have a permanent link to my SparkPeople page on the Left. Keep me accountable. Check in on me. See how I'm doing.

But most importantly, please pray for me. Whenever I set my mind to loose weight (which I have done many times throughout the years) Satan wages war on me. I become SO hungry, and get SO busy that it seems like weight-loss is a selfish pursuit. And I know that this is a spiritual attack.

Not only do I want to lose weight for health and self-esteem purposes, but now that I have a daughter, I want to be able to set a positive example of health for her.

Thanks for being part of my support system.



Kim Hodges said...

Thanks for your honesty! It's so encouraging and refreshing! I bet blogging every Monday about your progress will keep you right on track. Sending prayers your way! You can do it!

(And then when it works, let me know exactly what you did!)

RPorche said...

Praying! Thank you for confessing, Daisha. You are loved! (makes me think of a song)

Hannah said...

You know I'm praying for you. And looking at plane tickets to Atlanta in the summer. :)

Carris Family said...

Your honesty is such an example. Last year Rob set his mind to losing weight, and so in ways I can relate to the road ahead. I have already stopped and prayed for you! Rob set about it in a lot of the same ways...don't burn yourself out! Continue to be realistic and pace yourself, making life changes takes time! Good Luck!! Molly C.

April said...

Your post hit home with me! I, too, am overweight. I have begun to do something about it on several occassions, only to derail. Perhaps I will be more motivated now, too, Daisha! Thanks for sharing. Love ya!

Tiffany said...

You can do it, Daisha! I'm really excited for you!

Eureka said...


I too am in the same boat and I love it that you're being so honest and opened about it. I to joined the gym this weekend and have been working out for a week today. I am so encouraged. I can take a guest with me too so maybe we can work out together sometime :)

The Mosier Family said...


I look forward to helping you achieve your goals of becoming healthier and fit!! I can't wait to get started with you. I know we can have a good time with this! Learning to sew is bonus too!