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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Picture Post

Sorry, folks, for not putting up pics for a bit. But they are back.

Some things you missed (b/c I didn't blog about them):

1. I cut Gideon's hair for the first time. Gone is the comb-over and the curls in the back. I may post before and after pics later.

2. Naomi's smile. It is evading the camera, but she smiles on command, when she is tickled, and whenever Gideon or Daddy talks to her. It's really adorable and every bit as infectious as Gideon's.
I am trying desperately to catch it with the camera.

3. JR picked up a second job as a soft-ball umpire. He comes home excited about life and being outside. Plus he's making extra money. The kids and I went to watch him the other night. Man, does he seem official! We are so proud of him.

Ok, now on to the promised pictures. They are mainly of this past Saturday at the Easter Egg Hunt in Debby's neighborhood.



Kim Hodges said...

Ooh! Look at that big boy haircut!

I sent you an email to the address that I have, so I hope you get it. If not, I'll just get it from your mom via Facebook. I don't like putting email addresses in blog posts.

Tiffany said...

Congratulations on the new job! I didn't realize JR was doing that now. Gosh -- it must be really tough for him to have to get paid to offer commentary on the way baseballs and softballs are thrown. What a sacrifice! :)