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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Slideshow to Tide You Over

Daisha here... I will post the story later. But for now, I will give you a slide-show. (I just emptied my memory card.) :)

We are home from the hospital. Gideon (and Gigi) are sick. Naomi is doing great. And I'm swelling up. (a side-effect of having my body cut open) JR is getting geared up for his NASCAR weekend. Life is happening here in Tally. :)

And without further ado...


Janay said...

WOW! She looks so alert in those pictures with her Gigi. And Gideon looks so proud. I'm just tickled pink for you!

(I'm still suffering from head cold symptoms; sorry I missed visiting you in the hospital! I'll call as soon as I'm confident I'm not contagious. Hope Gideon and Gigi feel better!)

Nicole McIntyre said...

I love the carseat picture! Tooooooo cute!

Katie J. said...

You have one beautiful girl on your hands! I can't wait to see her for myself!

How is Gideon doing with her?

I hope you deflate soon and that everyone feels better soon.

Love you so much!

Kim Hodges said...

Just too precious!

Kelli said...

she is so beautiful! those big alert eyes look familiar. ;) i'm so glad you all are home and settled in. i hope everyone gets to feeling better soon! oh, and when i ask Rachel who the baby is, she says "Mowmi." Gideon is "Gid" (but a long syllable). Daisha is "Sheesha" and JR is "JR." she's getting it down now! :) we love and miss you all much!

Tiffany said...

What wonderful pictures! I have second what was said above -- Naomi does look so alert as she is sitting with Gigi. I just hope that Gigi and Gideon get to feeling better soon.

Oh yeah - and the crib looks fabulous, by the way. It's absolutely fit for a princess! :)

Deborah said...

She is so gorgeous! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of her.

kristen said...

Congratulations! Naomi is beautiful and so alert!
I had to do a double take at who on earth would comment about you "deflating" and then of course it was Katie. Haha. :)
Congrats again and enjoy being a family of Four!!
-Kristen (Barron) Graham