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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Naomi's Birth Story (and Slide-show)

Ok, here is the Daisha version of Naomi's birth story. I will divide it by days, so you can skip ahead if you want to. Also, if you'd rather skip the story and just watch the slide-show... that is your choice.

Friday, Feb. 1:

I had a drs. apt. at 10:45. By this point I had given up hope of going into labor on my own. JR and I were surprisingly accepting of our Monday scheduled c-section.

Friday evening, JR and I dropped Gideon off with the Yeckes and headed to Macaroni Grill. (so yummy)

And since Debby was out of town at the Ladies' Retreat and we were supposed to meet the HDTV guy early Saturday morning, we packed up and stayed at her house.

Saturday, Feb. 2:

At 4:00 am, I awoke in a lot of pain. My scar was killing me, I had tons of pressure on my pelvis, and no matter what position I got in, I was in pain. At this point, I was not looking forward to feeling like this until Monday. But it never occurred to me that I had any other options.

Unable to get comfortable, I stayed awake and tried to position myself on the couch so I could watch Gideon (once he got up) and still be somewhat interactive.

The installation took a few hours longer than we had expected. So by the time we got home, I had to put G straight to bed for his nap.

I was about to get in the shower and clean up, and my parents (who were supposed to call when they hit town) knocked on my door.

Without even really visiting with them, I headed to the shower. When I got out, my sister called. I got off the phone with Claudia so I could start planning dinner with my parents and Debby calls. Right as Debby calls, I hear Gideon calling me to get him up from his nap. So I tell Debby I'll call her back.

As soon as I stand up, my water broke. All I could think to say was, "I'm not peeing!!!" (I said this several times.) So my dad heads off to take care of G, and my mom starts asking where our old towels are. (Now, remember, I got married less than 2.5 years ago, so I don't really have old towels...) I high-tail it to the bathroom and just stand over the toilet (I was wearing a skirt, so that was a blessing).

Mom brought me my phone and I tried calling JR who was at Debby's house washing our car. (He didn't want his baby girl to come home in a dirty car.) I got his voicemail. I left a message saying, "It's 4:30 and my water just broke."

I called Debby and told her that as soon as we got off the phone, my water broke... and she started laughing. I asked her to call Kelli since the "window of opportunity" to call her was about to close.

I texted a few people (including JR), and called my sister and her husband.

By this time it was 4:45 and I still hadn't heard from JR. Mom asked me if I wanted to sit down and all I could think that I wanted to do was some laundry. So I got some started.

At this point, I started having contractions. But they weren't bad, so I kept getting my stuff together. Somewhere around then, JR finally called and asked if I wanted him to come home. Of course I said "yes".

When he walked in the door, I told him to shower, shave, and hand me his clothes so I could add them to the laundry I was doing. When he was done, we'd head to triage.

During JR's shower (at 5:10) I mentioned that I was having contractions and Mom started timing them. They were 3 min. apart, and really starting to hurt.

As soon as JR was ready we headed out.

We got to the Women's Pavillion around 6 and were immediately put in one of the curtained off rooms.

Now, here's the weird (or God) thing about this past week... Wednesday I went into my drs. office and saw Dr. McKinney. I had never met her before. And if I hadn't gone in then, I wouldn't've met her until 6:30 Saturday night. But she was the dr. on call.

She walked around the curtain and said, "Well, you said you didn't think you'd make it til Monday."

Since I'd met her before, I felt a lot more comfortable with the fact that my dr., Dr. Dixon, wouldn't be doing the c-section. Plus, she said that we should just get things going and not wait any longer. (a bonus in my book since I was now having hard contractions every 2 min. and I had never prepared for having contractions at all) :)

By 7:30 they were wheeling me into pre-op. The guy that took care of my spinal was amazing. My experience with anesthesia this time was NOTHING like my experience in Virginia. I was alert and aware of everything that was going on. I remember everything and I wasn't all loopy. It was nice.

I'll spare you the gory details of the actual birth (although there are some pics in the slide-show... so consider yourself warned, Anne).

At 8:09, Naomi made her appearance. Everyone in the OR said she was beautiful and that they couldn't believe how big she was.

I got several offers for her to be taken off my hands if I decided I didn't want her. :)

Around 9 o'clock, I was wheeled into a room and got to hold her. (it took so long to sew me back up b/c of all the scar tissue that I had from G's birth... it was attached to my bladder which explains a lot about the discomfort I was having)

Around 9:30 JR went and got Gideon. It was way late for him, and Naomi was hungry, so we decided to rush everyone through and we'd give everyone more time with her on Sunday. But G got to meet her first. He saw her, we told him that Naomi was her and not in Momma's belly anymore. He looked at her... leaned over her little bed, and kissed her. It was so sweet.

Then we rushed the grandparent's through and headed to our room.

Naomi latched on with great gusto, and enjoyed her first meal.

Sunday, Feb. 3:

JR didn't stay with me in the hospital (a lesson we'd learned from G's birth). So he showed up Sunday morning around 8:30. We took it easy, enjoying Naomi until church got out.

We had several visitors all day. Another lady at church also gave birth on Saturday and her room was around the corner from mine, so people who visited got to do double-duty. (Kenia and I think God had them born on the same day so we wouldn't have to be jealous of each other.) :)

You don't really want to hear about the rest of my hospital stay. It was uneventful until the "lactation specialists" all gave different, bossy opinions about how to feed Naomi which resulted in me re-living my nightmare that happened with Gideon. Tues. morning was by far the hardest part about the entire story (and I'm including non-medicated contractions). :)

But we came home on Tues. and have been enjoying the laid-back personality of our daughter.

Mom says she is just like I was. And Mom has always said I was a "perfect" baby.

Gideon is sick and I think that is affecting his mood, but he doesn't seem to mind Naomi being here. He DOES however, dislike the fact that I can't pick him up. (We're still working on that.)

My recovery is going slower than I would like, but I'm an impatient person. :)

Naomi had a drs. apt. today. And aside from being jaundice, she was pronounced "perfect". She is gaining weight (after losing a lot in the hospital... thanks "lactation specialists").

We are so blessed to have her finally with us. She is sweet, alert, and non-demanding.

And without further ado... the slide-show:
(warning... pictures of actual birth to follow)


RPorche said...

Thanks for all the postings! I really enjoyed the play-by-play. We're eager to be with you all again.

Tiffany said...

What a fun little story for your little girl. I am so glad that she is doing so well and that she has such a great, easy-going personality. I hope Gideon gets to feeling better soon, too!

Tiffany said...

I just re-watched the slide show and your'e right -- that last picture is just absolutely unbelievable. She literally looks like a baby doll. How precious!

Megan said...

She is so beautiful Daisha. I know some grandparents in Searcy that are so proud of her. :)
You look and sound great as well. Praise God for a safe delivery. Keep posting the pix. My how fast she will change. I have to say that I think little girls are so much fun to dress.

Michael and Hannah said...

Praise God for a healthy baby! She's beautiful. My water broke at 37 weeks with Wesley and I almost had Anna Kate in the car... I have very impatient children! Glad that Naomi decided to come on her own time!

Kelly said...


This is Kelly, Tyler Wiggains's wife. I started reading your blog because Tyler told me how much our pregnancies sounded the same. It's eerie how alike they are. Our kids are around the same age. I've had two c-sections. I've had massive babies (both over 10 pounds). I went into labor early before my second scheduled c-section. I also get annoyed with lactation specialists and also nurses who think they are lactation specialists. There are more similarities, but those are the major ones. Congratulations with your little girl.

Deborah said...

I love birth-stories! Hearing them from someone you know is WAY better than watching "A Baby Story" on TLC anyday!

Naomi is beautiful.

Jessicca said...

Congrats JR & Daisha! You have a beautiful family. Tell your mom and dad I said hi!

Kim Hodges said...

Way to go, Daisha. I'm always impressed with the determination and sheer will of the women who keep plugging on after a c-section. It's amazing how good you can look after having your tummy sliced open! I shouldn't be surprised. :) And of course Naomi's beautiful, too. Bet those kidneys are feeling better these days!