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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gideon's been "Tagged" (20 Monthabirthday)

I don't usually accept the challenges of being "tagged" on other blogs. But I haven't been tagged this time. Gideon has.

8 Things about Gideon.

1. "Trucks... Car!!!! Truck" (Cars and Trucks are some of my favorite things to spot and play with. I've also discovered a new show on TV called "Bigfoot Presents Meteor and his Monster Truck Friends". It has taken the place of "Curious George" as my favorite show.)

2. "Na-Na" (Pretty soon my little sister, Naomi, will finally be born. I like to go in her room and point to her clothes. I give her kisses when I take my nap and go to bed. And when I want to hold her Big Bird while I watch Sesame Street, I have to ask for permission.)

3. "Rfff, Rfff, Shhh!" (I love "buppies" and "daws". I know that when they bark, I'm supposed to tell them to "Shhhh!")

4. "Hello! Hi!" (Talking on the phone is something that I always get a kick out of. I will talk anyone's ear off... even if they are a wrong number. I don't even have to have a real phone. Anything about the size of Momma' phone works for me.)

5. "Dexter, Da-son, Hudson!!!" (I love to head to church. I know I will see my friends there. I also get to learn about "Jesus".)

6. "Off." (I like to point out if something, like a light or a fan, is off or on. I like to display my brilliance.)

7. "Nanana", "Cracker", "ceeal" (Every morning for breakfast I have a banana and cereal. If I haven't had my fill, I ask for a "cracker".)

8. "Ba-bye" (Every Sunday during worship service there is a "kid's contribution". I love this part of the service because I get to walk up and put my money in a bucket. Last Sunday, I came back to sit with my family... but I walked up the wrong aisle. So Daddy had to come and get me. As we walked back to our seats, I got to say "ba-bye" to the entire church family. I LOVED all of the attention.)

(Well, there you have it... in Gideon's "own words".)

I can't believe he's 20 months old already. Time sure flies.

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