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Friday, January 25, 2008

37 weeks, 5 days

So it turns out that I DIDN'T have a bladder/urinary infection. But I still have blood in my urine. At this point the dr. believes I may have...wait for it... kidney stones. (what joy is mine)

I have an ultrasound of my kidneys scheduled for Monday afternoon.

And on a further depressing note... I've started gaining weight like mad. 2 wks. ago and last week I weighed the same amount... and then today I weighed 4 lbs. more. I have not changed my eating patterns. I'm hoping that it's just the water that I'm retaining on the underside of my growing belly and Naomi getting bigger. (yes, I'm retaining water in my belly...nice, no?)

So that's the report from this week. Next week at my Friday appointment, they will give us all the info about our scheduled c-section.

Please pray that I DON'T have kidney stones. I hear they are painful like childbirth. And since I am getting out of the childbirth pains again by having another c-section, I don't want to experience it through my kidneys. :)



Carris Family said...

Kidney Stones...seriously?? Isn't being 9 months pregnant enough! :) I will be keeping you in my prayers - It must be getting fun to think about how close you are to meeting Naomi! Molly

Tiffany said...

Want to schedule a night to go catch Sweeny Todd? There's nothing like making solid plans to guarantee that she'll decide to make an appearance.

Anne said...

Dude! I totally lost the 'when is the kid gonna pop' contest.... like way bad.