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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Come out, come out....

I know that I'm not "full-term" yet. I have to wait until Sunday for that... but I'm so ready for Naomi to be in my arms instead of my tummy.

I was miserable last Saturday night. I couldn't sleep...my c-section scar was KILLING me anytime I moved... I was whimpering all night long. At one point, after I'd gotten up to use the restroom, I realized I was trying to figure out what I could use to rip open my scar so that it didn't look like I did it on purpose. (that, my friends, is desperate)

I've been a little less desperate since then. I mean, I'd kinda' have to be, right?

And then, Monday night we were taking our family get-mom-out-and-walking-to-kick-start-contractions outing and ran into Kenia. She goes to church with us and her due date it Feb. 5. She was at the mall for the same reason. However, the night before she had been into the hospital with contractions 3 min. apart and was 4 cm dialated, AND THEY SENT HER HOME!!!

What's up with the doctors in this state? Are they determined to keep women pregnant?

I have another appointment tomorrow morning. It's just supposed to be routine. But I'm hoping it's anything but routine.

This morning Naomi gave me a little scare by not moving at all for over an hour. She usually "gets up" when I do. I had sugar from breakfast in my system. I was poking at her and talking to her. When this is the case, she usually kicks back or moves away... something. So I called the dr. They told me to drink a soda and do a kick count. If she didn't move more than 5 times in the next hour, they were going to have me meet them in triage. But she finally started moving. Her kick count was up around the 20's. She still hasn't been as active as she normally is. I know she's running out of room... but still... I usually feel her.

But that scare is over. However, if I had gone in, I probably wouldn't be typing this post right now... I'd probably be holding her. (rolling of the eyes)

Here's to hoping she's as ready to come out as I am. :)

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Tiffany said...

I know why she's so determined not to come out early, like her big brother -- she's a Florida girl and it's been so cold and rainy here lately (by Florida standards), that she'd rather stay put until the weather improves.

Want me to come over and take all of the soda out of your fridge so that's no longer an option, is she decides to go on another kick strike?