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Friday, January 11, 2008

35 weeks 5 days

We went in today for another appointment. This one was accompanied with an ultrasound.

I knew that Naomi was big... she's been measuring ahead of schedule for weeks. Here are the stats.

I am 35 weeks, 5 days (keep this in mind):

Naomi's belly: 39 weeks
Leg: between 37 and 38 weeks
Estimated weight: 7 lbs. 9 oz.

(Gideon was born at 36 wks. 4 days and was 7 lbs. 5 oz. So, Naomi is already bigger than he was.)

But the most unexpected thing we found was that she had TONS of hair. We could see it floating around her "perfect" (ultrasound techs words, not mine) head. Gideon just now started growing hair, and Naomi already has some. I can't wait to see what color it is. I had a dream (and so did my sister) that it was dark.

My blood-pressure is perfect or on the low side.

Unless I go into natural labor, we are looking at not being able to hold her until Feb. (I don't like this thought.) By then, she'll have already outgrown some of the clothes we have for her and an entire package of diapers we have. ;) Plus, I'm REALLY uncomfortable. I have been measuring full term for over a month now and I have a month left??? I hope not.

So... I plan on doing a lot of walking to help get contractions going. We went to the mall as a family last night to walk around and I got some contractions, but when I got home, they stopped.

Here's my request: Pray that Naomi's lungs are as developed as she is big and that I go into labor SOON.



Kelli said...

rent Transformers... maybe the awesomeness of that movie will put you into labor. ;)

i can't wait to see her! as you know, Rachel was born with dark hair, then she didn't have any for a year, and now she has long, thin blond hair. so, maybe Naomi will have thick dark hair and it will stay that way!!! if my daughter won't have dark hair, it would be great if my niece did! :) but no matter what, i'm sure she will be beautiful... and as long as she's healthy, i hope she comes soon!

Michael and Hannah said...

I bet you won't have to wait that long... babies have a way of knowing when Mom's had it with being pregnant! Praying for both you and Naomi. Can't wait for lots of Naomi stories and pics.

Tiffany said...

Give me a call -- I dont' have to teach evenings this term so if JR has to work late, I could walk with you any evening after 6:00.

Aunt Lindee said...

Poor Daisha. My sympathies. When I was waiting for the bubs to arrive I was miserable. Just remember, once she arrives you won't be able to to sit down and relax without feeling guilty about what's left undone, so enjoy your last week and three days of "quiet". When she gets here you'll have a whole new C-section scar to heal, plus a newborn to take care of. With any luck, they'll only send you home with one baby, not four.

Aunt Lindee