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Friday, December 14, 2007

Week 32 Apt.

I've been trying to get a post up all week of a video of JR and Gideon. However, my computer keeps crashing... so I guess it'll have to wait.

I had another apt. today. No big news. The dr. I saw today doesn't talk as much as my regular dr.

My blood-pressure is starting to go up, but no one seemed concerned yet. I'm experiencing some weird symptoms that I forgot to mention. And we scheduled my c-section.

Despite looking pitiful and practically begging, they have a strict policy of NOT scheduling the c-section before week 39. So, as of now... I know that I will not be pregnant PAST Feb. 4.

Don't start embroidering Naomi's b-day as that, however. And don't start buying her amethyst birthstones yet (I know... everyone was rushing to the jewelers and crafts stores). No one who has seen me thinks that I'll make it to Feb. before giving birth. ;) ( I hope they are right.)

So, that's the up-date.

Hopefully I'll get that video of my fellas up soon.



Katherine said...

I'm so impressed that you found an OB who will wait that long to schedule a c-Section. So many doctors do it early to avoid having to do emergency C-Sections, even though there are mounds of evidence that prove it is better to wait until you go into labor on your own (or at least wait until you're as close as you can safely get to 40 weeks).
Hang in there -- and we'll definitely be praying that your blood pressure behaves itself!! :)

Nicole McIntyre said...

I agree,I think it's wonderful that you can go that long. I'm glad everything looks good and will be praying for the pesky blood pressure.

Hannah said...

Hang in there.