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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I knew I'd forget...

13. While taking a bath, Gideon loves to wash his big rubber duck. This thing is like a rubber duck for a swimming pool and lives in the bathtub. Gideon will grab the duck, put bubbles on his head and wash them off.

14. Also, one morning, he took Monkey into the bathroom to introduce him to Duck.

15. When we were at the park last week, Gideon amazed us all by his balancing ability. The playground was wet and G was running at full speed. And then for a split second, he didn't have control of either of his feet. Without slowing down at all, or falling, he seemed to glide and continue running.

There may be more that I'll remember later. And as always, he will continue to do crazy, cute things. I'll try to do a better job of putting them down here before I forget them.

OH, and I have a routine dr.'s visit today. (FYI)


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Megan said...

Sweet Gideon. Can you believe that you are about to start the process all over again? I am learning with Ana Grace that there are things about each stage I miss as she grows older, but it is getting more fun with each new stage she enters into.