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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gideon Stories

I've been meaning to get some of these classic Gideon moments down on the blog for about 2.5 weeks now... but I keep forgetting.

And speaking of forgetting, I fully expect that my next post will be "OH, and I forgot this one..."

So here goes, in random order, and all from the last 2 wks.

1. Gideon now loves to talk to and pat my belly. He will rub and pat while saying "Daddy" (which he picked up from his father). But the other day, I said he should help teach Naomi how to say "Momma", so he switched and started saying "Momma".

2. When G tries to say Naomi, he says, "Num num".

3. While at playgroup the other day, he thought he'd be a big kid and drink from a water bottle. Only this water bottle was really the rubbing alcohol bottle from a newborn's changing table. He walked into the room with all the mom's crying and smelling of alcohol. So I called the dr.'s office and the nurse said, "Well, winos drink whole cases of it, so, as long has he doesn't start throwing up, he'll probably be fine." However, we did notice him falling down a little more than normal. :)

4. His new obsession is Curious George. And he doesn't think he can watch an episode without going and getting Monkey to watch with him.

5. He is also fond of Elmo. In fact all snacks and drinks are to be shared with Elmo or Monkey.

6. And yesterday, he tried to feed Naomi a cracker through my stomach.

7. He LOVES to be around babies. The baby we've seen the most is Hudson Mosier (little brother of Gideon's girlfriend, Madison). Gideon wants to be wherever he is. And he's tried to give him a toy bottle... kisses him... bonks him...kisses some more... you get the cute picture. :)

8. Gideon is big into sweeping. When he sees a broom it trumps everything else.

9. He talks more and more every day.

10. He LOVES to watch the cars go by our window. And he will point out every car in our parking lot.

11. We took him to the park the other evening and he made friends with everyone on the playground. He walked right up to a couple of boys older than he was and handed them mulch. They were all buddies till we had to leave. (Who knew that out of two introverts, we'd produce such a text-book extrovert?)

12. The transition to a big boy bed is still going on. And the other day (after moving his bed yet again) I didn't think there was any possible way for him to get out of bed. But I heard his door creak open. I walked around the corner to see Gideon (clutching Monkey), peering around the door from ON TOP of a dresser. His head was about 8 inches higher than mine. Needless to say, I moved the dresser. :)

(thinking, thinking)

See... now I knew I'd forget some of the stories I meant to get down. But when I remember them, or he does another cute thing, I'll re-post.


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Anonymous said...

What a cutie! As for moving to a big boy bed, the American Pediatric Association and most pediatric experts agree that babies should remain in a crib until at least age 2, and preferably until age 3. Cribs make babies feel more secure, and active babies can wind down when they don't have the option of wandering off. Gideon may not be ready for a big boy bed. It might be worth investing in a 2nd crib to give him another year of safe and secure sleep. just a thought.