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Monday, October 22, 2007

Goat Days

Yes... you read that right... Goat Days.

There was a festival that Gideon and I joined Debby and her friend, Jan for this past Saturday. I think we were all expecting a few more goats. But Gideon enjoyed seeing the ones he did. And the Humane Society also had several dogs at the festival.

By far I think Gideon's favorite part was picking out his own matchbox cars and playing with them.

The weather was perfect for being outside, so it was enjoyable despite being different from what we had expected. :)

And where was JR while we were at Goat Days? Tailgating and enjoying the FSU game with buddies from church... (rough life, heh?)

Enjoy the pics I took of G-dawg with the goats and dogs.

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