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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Since coming back from Searcy...

Well, folks... there are a few things I've forgotten to mention.

Gideon grew his 7th tooth.

His favorite book right now is Lee Strobel's Case for Christ. I'm not making this stuff up. He keeps getting it off the shelf and thumbing through it. Then he will bring it to me. I get through the first paragraph and he takes it back. But it rarely ends up back on the shelf. Instead, I find it in his toy box.

Runny nose and coughing have kept two of us home-bound since Monday. JR has been really busy with softball... so, you can guess that he's not the one under the weather.

But G has been a trooper and will let me wipe his nose still. And when I suction his nose... he doesn't resist much... he just says "all done" between each attempt.

Here are a few pics to let you see what we've been up to. It's getting harder and harder to catch Gideon doing something cute on camera. When he hears me turn it on, he stops what he's doing and comes to play with the camera.

On the New'by front... I continue getting pretty bad headaches... and the heat... the heat makes me really nauseous. I can't even imagine being hugely pregnant in this weather. We get an extra sneak peak at our apt. on the 28th... so pray that New'by is immodest on the 28th so we can give the child a proper name instead of a contraction. :)

Enjoy the slide-show.


Nicole McIntyre said...

I know this could be stupid...but could your headaches be sinus? I had really bad sinus headaches with Braedon in the beginning until I finally tried some Sudafed. I know some others who have had similar problems. Food for thought. And, yes, being nine months pregnant in this heat was awful! Lots of swelling and very few pieces of clothing....;)

Hope you guys are feeling better soon.

Megan said...

He is so big Daisha! Can you believe having another one there with him? It has to be a weird feeling. Ihope all goes well.

Anonymous said...
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Michael and Hannah said...

Hi Daisha! Well it's a small, small, blogging world! Saw your comment on Emily's blog. It's Hannah used-to-be-Rhodes. Can't believe you're all married with kids... but then again, so am I. Strange how that happens. I still remember sitting in the windowsill of your basement in Lexington and singing Little Mermaid songs. It's great seeing pictures of you and Claudia. Okay, this is random, but just thought you'd like to know that one of those random ditties that has gotten stuck in my head from time to time over the past 15 years or so is your answering machine message saying, "This is Daisha, Claudia, Cindy, and Dan... we make up the Stockstill Clan!"

Tiffany said...

Hannah - I don't know you but Daisha was just telling me about that answering machine message a few weeks ago! It's awesome that it stuck with you!