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Friday, August 10, 2007

Pictures of Trip

And I can't believe that I forgot to mention...

On our second day at the airport our family was selected for extra screening. Fine, we're only traveling with a 14 month old... But the ridiculous thing to me was that after they patted JR down... THEY PATTED GIDEON DOWN!!! Yeah, TSA, Gideon's a huge security risk.

And as we were flying home, we found out that TSA changed their rules about a few things you can carry on. You could no longer carry on water (even for toddlers and younger) but you CAN carry on a lighter.

Great! Now someone can set all the seats on fire and no one will be able to use their own resources to stop it. (rolling of eyes)

Enjoy the pics.


Kelli said...

unless something has changed since the last time i flew (back in may), you can't take liquid through security, but you can buy it in the terminal and take it on board.

cute pics! i can't wait to give gideon hugs!! :)

Kim Hodges said...

You also cannot take the large tub of Aquaphor (the only thing that cures Kalleigh's diaper rashes) in the main cabin. Well, apparently you can from DFW to L.A., but not from L.A. back to DFW. Nice. I was like, "Do you want to see her diaper rash??" No sympathy.

Anne said...

rules totally suck...