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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Past 8 Days

At the Memorial Day Picinic, Gideon was the first person on our team to score a run. He played the outfield with me on defense. (We even saw some action.) I helped him bat (hit the first pitch I might add) and then once we got to first, JR was the "pinch runner" with him. It was adorable.
This is a picture of Gideon once we got home from his surgery on Thurs. (May 31). This was after his first bladder spasm. The boy is knocked out on some Opium. (really)

But here he is on Saturday... playing baseball and running full-out.

He is recovering well, and has been getting cuter and better about communication every day.

Tomorrow the catheter comes out!!

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Jill said...

what a handsome guy gideon is!! i love the picture of him holding the baseball. i'm so glad that his surgery went well! love you guys!