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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Extended Weekend

We've had a busy few days. I think it all began on Wednesday night.

JR and I had HAD it. Gideon had taken over the entire apt. His stuff was everywhere. We were constantly tripping over little toys and finding tv and vcr remotes in the kitchen. And try though I might, I couldn't keep up with the clutter.

Something had to be done. And that's when it hit me... switch bedrooms with Gideon. We had a huge master bedroom suite and only our bed. He had the smaller bedroom with a queen-sized bed, crib, changing table, and various other stuff. By switching rooms, Gideon's room can now be 1) his room, 2) the guest room, and (most importantly) 3) THE PLAY ROOM!!!

So the move went down on Thursday. We have yet to totally switch over the closets and bathrooms, but already the house seems calmer. We even moved the stuff from the living room that was Gideon's into his new playroom.

Horray for adult spaces!!!

Friday night we hosted our Life Group over here and then Saturday morning and afternoon we were priviledged to babysit Gideon's "girlfriend", Madison. We had a blast running around playing tag... listening to the kids laugh their head's off. I even took a video of the frivolity. (very cute)

Then, after scouring the town for shoes for my walking child, the three of us settled into a lovely family night.

Easter morning (aside from my SPLITING headache) was fun. Gideon enjoyed discovering his Easter basket.
Gideon was, as usual, a big hit at chuch service.

For lunch we headed over to Debby's where we took his "official" Easter pictures. He was cold and hungry, so he wasn't a smiley as normal.

After eating a lovely meal, we headed home and Gideon and I both took naps, while JR watched baseball. JR was supposed to be traveling to Orlando again from Sunday night until today (?), but he was able to get out of the trip and be here with us. And we were so glad.

Last night we had another great family time. After eating dinner, we headed out for a walk around the beautiful nature walks in Southwood, and concluded our walk with climbing trees. Gideon LOVED to watch JR high up in the tree calling his name.

We came back home and got Gideon calmed down and ready for bed. One of Gideon's favorite things is to find a book, bring it to someone and crawl up in their lap to be read to. So, here's one of those "Awe Pictures"...

I haven't given an up-date on Gideon's development in a while... so I'll try to get to that sometime this week.

Oh, and tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of when JR and I met.


Hannah said...

Very cute pictures! Love seeing him in his big boy shoes.

The next to last picture where he's all in navy and chewing on keys...he really looks like Kime. Weirded me out, yo.

Hannah said...

And I notice you gave up on the cute Easter tie idea...

Jill said...

I've been constantly checking your blog waiting for you to post Easter pics of Gideon :)! I love his Easter polo...so cute!

Katie said...

I love the shoes! I am glad you finally found some. Where did you find them?

Jenni said...

Have you dropped off the face of the blogger world? I hope everything is OK. I look forward to your posts!