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Friday, August 18, 2006

This Kid Cracks Me Up

So when he's having a rough day, I tend to wake him up when I put him in his pack-n-play (which is what we're using til the crib comes in). Instead, I put him in our bed. Above is what he looked like when I went to check on him this morning.

And these are pictures I took the other day when we were having a conversation over my breakfast. I CANNOT seem to capture his big smiles. He sees the camera hide my face and he just sticks out his lip. :) But he's still cute.
And now Brent, Kelli, and Rachel are back on line. (yeah!)

Happy Friday, everyone.

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Anonymous said...

How adorable is that picture! It is so hard to resist him. He looks like he is really becoming a little boy. Miss him so much! Maybe soon!

Love, Grandma S

Kelli said...

he does look so cute!! great pics! tell my nephew his aunt kelli loves him!

Kim Hodges said...

Look at those Stockstill lips!! What sweet faces ...