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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Advanced for his age...

Ok, so no one is going to believe us... but we both witnessed it.

Last night, I put Gideon down on his back in between JR and me on the couch. Gideon rolled to his side (not a new trick for him, since he's been doing that since we brought him home). But this time, he rolled the rest of the way on over to his belly.

And if that wasn't impressive enough... he then proceeded to use his mighty legs to push himself from the crack inbetween the cushions to being on just one.

Honest to goodness... it happend just like that. And he's just two weeks old today.

I guess this means that I'll have to baby-proof the house sooner than anticipated. :)



Anne said...

Go Raisin!

Shayna Willis said...

I believe you guys. I saw how strong his neck is already.