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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No News is Good News

Well, last evening came and went without a call from the doctor. So I can only assume that my kidneys and liver are functioning normally.

My antibiotics are starting to work. But that just means my nose goes from totally stopped up to running uncontrollably. (what joy is mine)

I had planed on teaching at my favorite school for another 2 weeks. That was supposed to start this morning... but alas. I'm going to miss those kids and the teachers. They really look out for me over there. (Oh, and shout-out to the lovely ladies at Colin Powell Elementary School... I just got a call from them. They planned me a surprise baby shower this morning. They called me from my party to say, "SURPRISE!". How great are they?)

Right now I'm trying to get things ready for G-dawg's imminent arrival. Don't worry, I'm still on the couch drinking water. I make lists and research. That way, when I run errands, I can do it quickly (while drinking more water) and get back to my couch.

Also, I'm trying to decide if I should get my hair cut or not. Since finding out I was pregnant, I have been re-growing my hair. But I HATE HOW IT LOOKS. I can't do anything with it EXCEPT put it in a pony-tail. And while pony-tails are nice for keeping hair out of the face, my hair just adds to me feeling really unattractive. But then again, with me retaining water and being rounder than normal, would getting my hair cut short again make me look even rounder?

This is my hair dilemma. I'm open for advice.


grandma betty said...

Hi Daisha-just read your blog this a.m. along with papa Dan and thanking the Lord your kidneys are ok. I have confidence that the Lord will answer the other part of our prayers that you, baby, and jr will do perfectly and things will go super well.
Love and continued prayers grandma betty and grandpa bob and papa Dan

Katherine said...

If you have time and the money, definitely go ahead and get a hair cut -- in a few weeks you won't have time to, nor will it occur to you until you can't see past your bangs. :) (I got a hair cut about three weeks before Nelson was born, and just got around to cutting it again about two weeks ago!).

If you're worried about the short hair, roundness thing, just explain that to the stylist. I'm sure they can help you find somthing that will work for you now, and still look great in a few weeks when you're not so round any more! :)

Good luck! We're praying for you guys!

Anne said...

shave it all off. :|

Tiffany said...

I loveed your hair when you had it really short in college -- it was fun and bouncy. (I don't remember what year it was, but it was around the same time that Claudia and I were wearing the exact same outfits, totally unplanned, everyday.) I'd vote for going back to that look. And you do NOT look unattrative at all -- you're glow-y and that's awesome!

Shayna Willis said...

I say you look gorgeous with short or long, but isn't it easier to go short? It looked really cute when you cut it last year.