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Monday, January 13, 2014

January 1-12

January 1:
Lazy day around the house enjoying family!
January 2:
Bullers of Buchan
Ellon (all closed down... never mind)

January 3:
Back to Aberdeen... minus a sick JR
(Naomi likes me to take photos of the items she likes.)

January 4:
Mom and I got away to Ellon for the day, but the men and the kids stayed home and worked on lessons and LEGOS.

January 5:

Since my parents won't be in town for Naomi's birthday, they gave her her gift from them early.

And... on my parent's last Sunday in town and my Papa preached. ;)

January 6:
My parents caught the 6 am flight out of Aberdeen and headed home, the kids went back to school, and I de-Christmased our house.

January 7:
Naomi decided to have a "Frozen" party, so I designed her invitations and she addressed them for the kids in her class.
 Plus, the kids had TONS of pent up energy and it was wet, dark, and cold outside.  So, we pulled up the YouTube "Just Dance" videos and got our groove on!

January 8:

Look how pretty the sky was as the kids were coming home from school! (photos don't do it justice)

I love my Wednesday night class!  (I teach the 10-14 year olds.)
(not pictured are Georgia, Levi, and Toni)

January 9:
We are getting back in swing with our chore chart (in this post... keep scrolling).
(oh, and check out this weird "e-mail" I got...
I got nothing from no one from January 1, 1970!

January 10:
The kids and I headed to the Doolan house for a fun evening (and G had a sleep-over).

G good-naturedly posed for this photo before I cut the corn off the cob for "poor toothless". 

January 11:  

JR and I enjoyed a "date night" starting our foray into the joys and intrigues of "Sherlock".

January 12:

This weekend I was privileged to read the draft manuscript of a dear friend's novel.  It was a great read!  I can't wait until she gets this published so everyone can read it.  Seriously.  It. Is. Good!  I love having crazy talented friends.  (and in her case... she is crazy... and she is talented... and she is crazy talented)

I have accepted Kelli's challenge to take an Instagram photo for every day of the year.  You can follow me on Instagram.  My username is:  daishalynne

Thanks for keeping up with us!

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Of course I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the book, but I'm a even more intrigued about your time traveling email that came in right before mine. I hate that it was blank! I would have loved to have known what message New Year's Day 1970 had for you!

I'm glad your 2014 is shaping up to be cozy, entertaining, and a little mysterious!