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Monday, December 24, 2012

Leading up to Christmas {Dec. 1-20}

December 1:

In preparation for JR's Logos training, we set out to borrow a car from Jay and Ellyn Sergio.  They were very generous.  And within 10 min. of borrowing the car, someone swerved into JR's lane and side-swiped the car.

3 hours later, we finally got home.

December 2:
After church, we joined the Millers for a home-made lunch.  It was great getting to know them.  And we presented about Scotland to Bedford/Kerr group.

This presentation was unlike any other.  Instead of hooking up our computer and going through our planned presentation, we all sat around the dinner table and just talked about our hopes and dreams, what brought us to this point, and how they could pray for us.

After that wonderful time, the kids presented the Talent Show they had been preparing all evening.  It was delightful.

It also reminded us that there are so few children Gideon and Naomi's ages that have faithful parents.

December 3:

We got a little table-top tree for our basement.

December 4:

After school, I had to run to the bookstore for some Christmas shopping.  Gideon is reading a book to his sister.  (so sweet)

December 5:

There were games...

... and crafts...

... and cookies...

After the party, and putting the kids to bed, I worked on a new header for Claudia's blog.

Check out my poor, damaged screen. :(

December 6:
Naomi decorated gingerbread cookies at school.

And while the kids were at school, I designed these.  They have been my biggest sellers.

And after dinner, Fred and Teresa asked us to join them in picking out their Christmas tree.

(throwin' some gang signs...)

December 7:

My little shopping helper... :)

December 8:

We had daddy back!!!  And we headed down to Fredericksburg to spend the day with Keith.

And, look!  I figured out how to make Naomi's hair into Hair Hairbows!

Look at this gem of a photo I found. ;)

We had a nice, relaxing day with Grandpa.

December 9:

After church, G and N both could not wait to get home and play with their gifts from Grandpa.

December 10:

In the evening, G broke big time.  (It hasn't been this bad since the epi incident.)

December 11:

December 12:

Naomi's preschool went to Chantilly High School for their Tiny Tots program.  Naomi did NOT want me to take her photo.

But the show was very enjoyable.

While I was folding laundry, I looked up and saw Naomi working on writing her letters under her drawing table.

December 13:

William and Dianne Strachan came to visit us!!!

After feeding them dinner, we all packed up and went to Gideon's school Holiday Program.

December 14:

The next day was full.  After getting the kids off to their schools, William, Dianne, and I went to get some Cinnabon at the mall and then I surprised them by taking them to Wegmans (a really amazing grocery store).

Then we joined the church staff at Cheesecake Factory.  Yummm!

When G got home from school, the men-folk went to the Air and Space Museum.

December 15:
The day started off with a bang and went up from there!

The elders threw a breakfast to get to know William and Dianne a little better.  It was great!

Then the men stayed and helped rake leaves at the building while Dianne, the kids and I went home to pack dinner for our trip into DC.

We had a great time in DC.  We saw all the historical documents, talked about "National Treasure", and enjoyed Dianne's excitement at seeing the monuments.

While we were in DC, Paul and Barbara Wert were spoiling the kids.

I think everyone had a great Saturday!

December 16:
Having the Strachans at church services with us made this up-coming move seem even more real and eminent.

It was announced to the congregation by the elders that we have reached our monthly support goal.  And then William directed the communion thoughts.

After class, we joined the teens that are coming to Peterhead in July in a web-cam with the group in Peterhead.  It was SO great to see so many loved faces.

And during the course of the web-cam, Billy told us that the British side of the Visa has come through!!!!!!!!!!

The day was so full already!

We enjoyed a calm afternoon and then joined the McCain's small group Christmas party that evening.

December 17:

We spent some great time with the Strachans before they headed home, and took them to the airport.

December 18:

In addition to being congested and stuffy, and re-doing a bathroom (our gift to the McCains), I was cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry, and running errands.

December 19:

Here's the card Naomi made at school.  Her class is the "Red Bird" class.

And Gideon was so excited to give me this he practically unwrapped it himself as soon as he got in the house from school.

December 20:

After school, we had dinner and exchanged presents with the McCains.

We are so blessed by them!

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