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Saturday, September 10, 2011

6 Years of Marriage

Every year on our anniversary I re-post the vows that JR and I spoke to each other in the presence of our friends and family.  We have these displayed on our walls as well.  They serve as a constant reminder of the solemn promises we made, and still make, to each other.  May God bless us with another 6 years... and another 6 years... and another...  

JR's Vows to Daisha:

Daisha Lynne, only the Lord is above you in my heart, mind and soul. I vow to forsake all others, and sacrifice even myself for you.

As surely as the Lord lives, I vow to honor you-- to give you an undying faithfulness, to take care of you in the worst times, and laugh, smile, and cheer with you in the best.

I vow to you a righteous home, filled with all the love I am capable to give-- giving glory to God for all we go through. You have my undying support for all that you do-- and guidance to help along the way.

I will be a nest for your heart-- a helpful guide for your mind-- and a partner with your soul.

Together, we shall become more holy and pleasing to the Lord.

I love you; and I vow to you my commitment, companionship, and my Spirit's sword and chariot for times of battle.

Daisha's Vows to JR:
I prayed to to the Lord, and the Lord granted my request: He is giving me my husband... my best friend through this life...

Keith Edwin Sheets, Jr., God has lead our journeys thus far. Today He joins our paths and unites us as one.

This moment, and every moment after, I pledge to you my unending love and respect. A love that is a decision of will and a willingness of spirit... and a respect that is seated in who you are as a follower of Christ.

I vow to forsake all others and be wholly united to you... Depending on you as my confessor, my comforter, and my hero, because you never cease to point me to the True Source.

I vow to communicate with you in all honesty and Christ-likeness, growing to understand you better and to further develop an atmosphere of total trust.

I vow to make our home a place of peace, laughter, and comfort for you and our children. A place where you always find what you are looking for: a comforting embrace, a warm smile, and the knowledge that you are loved unconditionally.

I vow to support and encourage you as the head of our family. As your "help meet," I will pray for you and do whatever I can to help us follow the Lord's leading.

No matter the trials we face, I will be by your side: your fellow warrior in this life. And together we will weather the tempest meant to tear us apart. With God's strength we will become more holy, more united, and more His.

May my faithfulness reflect the faithfulness of our God.

And may the Lord, Himself, deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates us.

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Nancy Baugh said...

Happy Anniversary! We wish you many more 6 years together. We just celebrated 40 and agreed to go for 40 more! We wish you well in all your future plans