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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wrapping up June

Last Tuesday, Gideon was able to visit Meethill Primary School with his new friend, Daniel Doolan. (Should we move here next summer, G will go into Primary 2 with Naomi in Primary 1.)

He enjoyed his time there, but decided he didn’t like it as much as Carpenter’s Kids or Sycamore View (mainly b/c he wasn’t allowed to play with some pirate thing). I find comfort in knowing that P1 and P2 are placed in a huge room and do some things together. That means that G and N will be able to look up across the room and see a familiar face. ☺

While G was at school, Naomi had a play-date down in Boddam with the Chapmans, Gaunts, and Butters.



I had a lunch date (yum, Nazma!) with Rachel. So I didn’t get to pick up G from school. JR took G to join N at the Chapmans. By the time I got there in the afternoon, all the kids had stripped down to their skivvies and played in the kiddie pool (or “puddle” according to Naomi).



The kids had a blast and EVERY day since then, Naomi has stated, “I like playing at Abby’s house!” when we enter the car.

The weather here has been mainly lovely, so we’ve been walking into town instead of driving.

This is Naomi’s new face.


On our way home the other day we could see the rain coming.

With our normal Thursday travel day occupied with a pleasant visit with Hannah Campbell, we took some time on Saturday to travel up to Fraserburgh. (15 miles up the coast from Peterhead.)


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Ana said...

I miss those adorable faces! Has your son ever met a stranger? Glad you're all having fun! Miss you!