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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Keep Calm and Pray On

Calling all prayer warriors:

The men of the Peterhead church of Christ and Billy Strachan were following the advice of the UK Border Agents and filing the paperwork they were told we needed.  BUT we didn't find out until YESTERDAY that we will need Tier 5 Visas to enter the country.

Naomi and I leave in 15 days.  JR and Gideon leave the week after that.  We have been working to get our visas in place and back in our hands in time.  The times that are listed on turn-around time are NOT in our favor.

We would really appreciate your prayers concerning this.  God is at work.  He is in control.  With the stress of pulling the school year to a close and packing for the trip, this is just another stresser.

So far, this has just been a time and money issue.

The extra visas have already cost us over $600 and they aren't even shipped off yet.  We are still needing to raise several thousand dollars.  God is faithful, and already knows how He will provide for us.  Maybe He's prompting you.  (Maybe you have an "in" with the UK Border people...) ;)

On a bright note:  Billy toured the house that we are going to be renting and said it's "lovely".  The lady we are going to be renting from believes we are an answered prayer.  And that's how we feel about her allowing us to rent for such a short time.

I have to believe that God is working out our visas for His purpose just as He has the housing.  We are in His hands, and He will do with us as He chooses.

Please keep us in your prayers!

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