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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Naomi's 3rd Birthday

Naomi's birthday started early (6:30 am) when she crawled in bed with JR and me.  But she was warm and uncharacteristically still, so we let her stay. ;)

At 7:30 she headed downstairs for some PBS and waited for her waffle.

Then the immediate family gave her the presents we got her.
(a tricycle from JR and me)

Gideon insisted on getting her a Rapunzel and Flynn set that will fit in her castle.

I think this is what he had in mind the whole time. ;)

Every day when we drop G off at school, Naomi's "job" is to put his lunchbox in its place. She takes this job very seriously.

After we dropped off G, the two of us headed to Garden Ridge to walk around. Naomi got her groove on to the music, she tried on a very sparkly pink cowgirl hat to which she exclaimed that she looked like "Heh-woe Dah-wee" (Hello, Dolly!), and we sat in EVERY chair in the store.

Next we came home and had lunch with Daddy.

We played and did her interview until it was time to go pick G up from school.

Then we picked Daddy up and went to Muddy's for "peent tuptates". (pink cupcakes)

While waiting in line, both the kids got their groove on:

With all these decisions to make...
... it took N no time at all to decide she wanted THESE:

Once the cupcakes hit the table, it was hard to get the kids to focus on anything else.

She is truly my daughter... She ate all the icing off first!

She opened presents from Debby (the "peent" ones she'd had her eye on all week) and the package that came in the mail as we headed to Muddy's from Kelli et al. She oohed and ahhed over every present. But this picture is my favorite from yesterday. Rachel gave her a Cinderella doll.

She opened outfits from Grandma and kept saying things like, "oh my doodness!" (goodness), and, "It's SO Tute!" (cute) Everyone in Muddy's was giggling and wishing their kids were as cute. :)

After Muddy's we came home and the kids played until dinnertime, then we headed to Bible class.

Naomi had a big Big Girl day.

For more photos from the day, click HERE.
Make sure you watch her video in the previous post. She's all-Naomi in it.


emily said...

happy birthday, sweet naomi!!! looks like it was a fun day! and you were calling those "tuptates" CupCakes, right mom!??!?!!? ;)

Daisha said...

Yes, Emily. I was saying it right. Did you watch the video?

I just keep forgetting to correct her "peent" for Pink. (I'll work on that.) ;)

Deborah said...

Oh my doodness, that was so hi-wea-wi-us!

I have GOT to start interviewing my kids...it's not too late, right?!

emily said...

no i haven't watched the video yet.... i saw it posted and the kids were up... and if i play ANYTHING on my computer, it is like moths to a flame, and the moths then hover. forever. so i skipped it. now they are asleep, so i'll go back and watch it.