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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gideon's first day at SVCC

This day could not come soon enough for Gideon!  His enthusiasm for school was only briefly overshadowed by Christmas.

He got several gifts at Christmas for school:  a Rocket backpack (thanks GB's, and Great-Granpa and Great-G'ma Judy), Spiderman "bedding" for his nap-mat, and a Spiderman T-shirt and matching hoodie from Grandma.

DSC_0242 DSC_0245

He was ready!

Naomi kissed him good-bye and told him to have fun.

And we (finally) got in the car.

We ended up arriving 20 minutes early. :)

Ms. Jennifer showed G where to put his lunchbox, book bag, and coat. She tried to show him some other things, but G was already wanting to play with RJ.

We turned around and this is how we found him:

Obviously, he didn't mind us leaving. :)

When we picked him up we asked him about his day. He had a blast! The highlight (according to him) was meeting a cute girl. He didn't remember her name, but he'd already told her that she was cute. (We met her today. Her name is Mia, and she is indeed cute. Apparently G has been telling everyone that she is his girlfriend. So, we got to talk about what a girlfriend really is already.)

Naomi is taking G's absence really well and is enjoying having 3 adults all to herself. :)

To see more photos of G's morning, follow this link.


Anonymous said...

I love that he has a girlfriend already! How precious. :)

By the way, this is Rach - I can't remember for sure if we've met or not. I lived on campus at HUGSR for the '08-'09 school year, but I'm still friends with several of the students at HUGSR. Anyway, I feel pretty sure that we met on campus at some point (maybe to help the Borchers move? Were you there for that?). Anyway, I've seen some of your work for D'lifeful and I'm super impressed so I was checking out your website which led me to your blog here. All of that is to say - I promise I'm not some creepy stalker talking about how cute your kids are. :)

Hope everyone adjusts well to Gideon being in school. :)

Debra said...

Love the one of G in front of school. I am glad he is enjoying it!