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Friday, December 3, 2010

Photos from Thanksgiving Week ...

My mom sent my forgotten camera cord! I got it in the mail on my way out the door. But since the kids are in bed and JR is in the library studying for his Greek final (next week), I thought I'd get to a few of them. (There are hundreds!)

There's no rhyme or reason to the photos I've chosen to go ahead and edit.

More will be appearing here on the blog, my web-site, and facebook over the next few days, I'm sure. :)

1.  This year I am making most of the gifts.  I'm a fabric junkie and have boxes and bags of fabric under my bed.  So I decided to make my kids and my niece and nephews "softies".  (Apparently, they are called "Softies" now instead of stuffed animals.  I don't know why.  But since Naomi's isn't an animal, I'm going with it.  I'll post the photos of the ones for my kids after they get them.)  The first pair are for Rachel and Simon.  ~I made these 3 without a pattern, but they were inspired by several cute "softies" I saw all over the web.~

...and for "Baby Tay-din" (as Naomi calls Kaden)...

2.  Typing of Kaden...
 Here he is on his 5th Monthabirthday.  (This was during Great Bob's 80th Birthday celebration in Springfield, MO.  It will get it's own post.)

3.  And speaking of monthabirthdays... (see my segways, people?  I'm seamless.)

I have more shots of him.  But he looks so grown up in this photo.

4.  AND... speaking of being grown up... (go with me) ;P

Can you believe she let me take her picture?!  (me either)  My mother has run from the camera, or more accurately-- put her finger in between the camera and her face, her whole life.  But prepping her all week that I was going to take her photo, talking about Photoshop, and letting her know that the light was going to be behind her worked. :) I think this photo captures her warm, caring nature.  What about you?

Did I whet your appetite for more?  Good!

I'll be back later with more photos.  I've got lots to blog about.  After all we had Stockstill Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Great Bob's birthday (in that order too!). 


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Deborah said...

Love your "softies"! What a cute idea.

And, yes, that is a wonderful picture of your mom!!