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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Home-made Christmas

DSC_0125This year I made the kids one present each. To see the items up close, check out this link.

So they wouldn't get over-shadowed by other presents, they got to open their gifts from me Christmas Eve.

                                                                waiting to open the gifts--->

Naomi named her doll Sally. She takes very good care of her. And this morning, when she walked into Debby's room, she told Debby that, "Momma made this doll for me." (worth every hand stitch in that doll right there, peeps)



Gideon named his Super-hero Monkey Friend, Nick. He is already asking me to make more costumes for him.

I HIGHLY recommend making at least one of the gifts you give your children for Christmas. My Christmas was complete before the day even began.

Merry Christmas 2010!


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