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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First REAL Tree

This Christmas we have a real tree FOR. THE. FIRST. TIME. EVER!

JR has been talking about how great a real tree is SINCE. I. MET. HIM! (you like my new trend? No? Ok. Sorry.)

This year Christmas Day is with Debby and she agreed to a real tree. Today we went and got it.

The following slide show (71 photos) documents our Tree-getting adventure. Within the next few days I hope to pick out some of my favorite photos, edit, and post them on the photography site. So, if you don't feel like viewing all of the photos... wait for that post. ;)

***UPDATE-- Less than 10 min. after I published this post, JR and I heard a crash. The tree had toppled over and water and ornaments were everywhere. I think artificial trees are easier. ***

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