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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Reader

Homeschool-banner This ends our second week of school. We've been relaxed, we've gone with the flow, and we are setting good routines.

It warmed my heart the other evening over dinner when Naomi, unprompted, announced to JR: "I read my Bible, Daddy! On the taoch wif Momma!" That was the most exciting part of her day! ...warmed my heart...

The other area that is going really well with our schooling is Gideon's reading. We borrowed the Bob Books from some friends and are working our way through them. But since Gideon memorizes things so fast, I wanted to make sure he was reading and not just memorizing the words.

So, I made flash cards of the words. (JR uses flashcards for Greek so Gideon feels "like Daddy" when I quiz him.) When G gets a word right, I hurl the card at him. He thinks this is hilarious, and... quite honestly, I like the catharsis. :) Sometimes I have him arrange his flash cards into sentences.

We also have at least one day were we go to our glass door and WRITE ON THE DOOR! I found crayons that are designed for glass. G LOVES them. I get to rearrange the words he knows into new sentences so he can't memorize the story. We make them as funny as we can.

Once he is consistently getting the flash cards, we move to the book. And we try to give him many opportunities to show off his reading skills.

He's doing a great job. Each lesson lasts 10-15 min. (15 min. is pushing it.) He's doing great with book 1 and 2. Next week... book 3.

(All these photos were taken today.)


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