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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Be-lated Birthday Gift

For Gideon's 4th birthday back in May his Grandpa (JR's dad) sent us money to buy Gideon a bike.

He's been very excited about this. However, since we have no toys that peddle, G didn't really know how. We've been practicing when we see bikes and trikes in stores, but when we went to get his bike earlier in the summer, things didn't go too smoothly.

But yesterday, while the kids and I were out getting some school supplies, we came across the bike area once again.

Gideon started out with a really cool retro Radio Flyer tricycle with a bell on it. (I'd have loved to get it and use it for a photography prop.) He was peddling so well on it that I encouraged him to try a bicycle. We tried the 12 in. and it was too small. So we moved him up to the 16 in. And he did great! He was even able to navigate turns around the aisles.

And since we found one on sale that included a hand-brake (which gives my little first-born control freak more control) he LOVED the bike.

We bought it and surprised Daddy when we picked him up from the library for lunch.

Gideon has been very diligent about practicing his new bike-riding and peddling skills. He even made sure to knock on all the neighbor's doors to share in his excitement. (It's a good things the people around here love him.)

 Here's our big kid on his new bike:


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linda @ CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Cute pics!!

To answer your question about what flavor of cake pop I'd recommend, my favorite is the Zing, raspberry lemon. mmm! for those who love chocolate, my hubby's fav was the Frou Frou chocolate brownie cheesecake :)

best wishes,