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Monday, June 7, 2010

Family Fun Day

This past Saturday, before JR's intensive class week and our trip to Tallahassee, we took time to spend the day as a family.

We headed over to Bartlett to the Toys-R-Us to get Gideon his bicycle. However, they only had the Iron Man bike on-line, so we didn't actually leave with one.

But as we left, we drove past a remote-controlled car race. Of course we stopped, got out, and watched. We cheered for our favorite colored car.




After a nap in the afternoon we had plans to go to an italian festival right around the corner. Our new friends, the Kinney's, had a way to get in for free. So, we loaded up and went. And 5 min. after we got in, it started raining. And 5 min. after that, we bought a $5 funnel cake which we shared under a tree to stay relatively dry. And 5 min. after that, we ended up back at the bbq of the people who got us into the festival. We joined these friends of our friends and dealt with the post-rain humidity and bugs.

Here's how G felt about the weather:


The kids got in on the game...


And this is Becca Kinney. We are really enjoying getting to know her and her husband, Jon.
(Gideon asked that this photo be processed like this.) :)

Well, we'd planned on getting a bike. And didn't. And planned to hang out at the italian festival, and didn't. But it was still a pretty good family fun day.


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