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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I thought I was going to all-out deck the boy. All I wanted was for him to PICK UP THE CRAYON!!! I wasn't asking much. I wasn't asking for perfection. I wasn't asking for good penmanship. I wasn't asking for letters even. I was asking him to pick up his crayon. And he refused. We were both at our wits end.

It was then that I seriously questioned this whole home-school thing.

That was back in February.

I laid low when it came to G and writing. He doesn't really like to draw or color. His confidence isn't high when it comes to those types of fine motor skills.

However, we'd do something light and fun dealing with coloring about once a week.

Last week, I found a little dry erase board with writing guides on one side and blank on the other. So I picked it up thinking that it might be something to tempt him to write.


And I was RIGHT!!

Last week he started, on his own, writing "on". Today, while I was getting lunch ready, after asking me to write his name as an example, and helping him with the letter "G", he wrote the rest of his name!

As I finished up lunch, he had me spell "ice cream" from the kitchen and he wrote down the letters I told him. "Ice" was in the right order, but the other letters were scattered around. :)

He's gaining confidence in his writing and JR and I are praising him for his perseverance.




Kelli said...

way to go Gideon! :)

AmyB said...

Go Gideon! Aren't their personalities so fun and interesting!

Elizabeth & Travis Harville said...

tell him i am so proud of him!! yay gideon!

Jill said...

that's great AND it gives me hope....Jack could care less about coloring and writing and almost never wants to pick up a crayon. I guess he'll come around one day :-)

Debra said...

He isn't taking after his dad!! And he only had two letters to learn! Good job, G!

Anonymous said...

his writing is so precious -- from what I've been told and seen through the years, boys just take more time and learn at their own pace -- I'm so happy for you & Gideon :-)
Jenn Goff Sale

The Mosier Family said...

Great Job Gideon. We are all so proud of you. Madison wants you to know how fun writing is, so don't stop practicing!

emily said...

yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy! (can you tell i'm catchin' up on your blog tonite!??) :)