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Monday, April 12, 2010

Some of the things G says...

Yesterday on the way to church, Gideon says:

"Boogers make good nap-snacks."

I interrupted and asked what nap-snacks were, and then wished I hadn't as G started to reply:

"When I'm napping..."

(I told him not to eat boogers anymore... but I'm not confident in how effective it will be. And to be quite honest, I'm not sure if he really eats them, or if he is like JR. :) My feeling is that he doesn't eat them, but likes to tease me that he does. I've never caught him having a "nap-snack".)
Today the kids and I got in the car and I exclaimed:
"It smells like FEET in here!"

Quickly, Gideon, in a matter-of-fact tone said:

"Yeah... that's me. Sometimes little boy feet doose that, especially when they are manly."

He always keeps us laughing. :)

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Debra said...

Gotta love the boy!!