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Friday, April 9, 2010


Yesterday, while the kids and I were strolling around Target, we came across several "light oak" 3 shelf bookshelves and the price said "$3.48 marked down from $4.99". Really!?! (The "espresso" ones were marked down to $17.48.) Three and a half dollars for a bookcase?!

Jr and I had just been talking about our need for a new bookcase, but even on Craigslist, we couldn't find on we were willing to put money into.

So I got it. But, being me, and knowing that the "light oak" didn't go with my decor... I made an additional stop by Michaels to pick up some "Mod Podge".

The original bookcase (minus the back)

I almost finished it last night. I say "almost" because I actually ran out of Mod Podge. However, I have reworked my living room and set up the new bookcase as the "Homeschool Bookcase".

The kids have been so excited by this little change in the living room. G is in raptures about how everything looks. And both kids have been re-discovering all of our homeschool games that have always been on the larger bookcase that has since been moved to another corner. Go figure.


notice the inside sides?

I (with the kid's help) wrinkled up craft paper to get this cool finish.

Instead of putting the back that came with the bookcase on it, I took some of my spare fabric and now the back is a deep blue velvet.

So... $3.48 became a little DIY project for the day, but I am loving the way it turned out.

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