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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New pics of Naomi

Yesterday was the first day I attempted to braid Naomi's hair. She was very patient with me and allowed me to practice french-braiding her hair. (I don't remember ever doing this on another person, and have only french-braided my own hair once.)

The braids aren't the best, but she looked so much older with them! JR was blown away by how fast she is growing up.


Also, yesterday we did one of our photo shoots of another new hat we got from HeartSmiles.etsy.com! We LOVE them. (and we love getting them in exchange for pictures of Naomi in them) I've put together a "blog-board" on this blog, but I've posted the pictures on fb and www.dLifeful.com.


Speaking of my d'Lifeful blog... could those of you who have blogs that have a link list include www.dLifeful.com to your list? I think having more referring blogs will bring up my web-site in the google search engines. Every bit helps. Thanks.


Debra said...

She has her mom's smile!

Deborah said...

Ummmmm, that is so cute, I can hardly stand it!