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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favorite new shots of Naomi

I actually had 2 photo sessions with Naomi today. The first one was for an Etsy shop called:
Chimy's Clips

These things are adorable. You should get some. (even if you're bald and only have male relatives) Ok, maybe you can be a little more practical and get them for your daughters or granddaughters.

The second shoot was for a hat that I got from another Etsy store:

I cannot tell you how adorable this hat is. And Abbie, the maker/shop owner, is really great to work with. She and I exchanged numerous e-mails about what colors I wanted and how many flowers, ect.

If you want to see the photos I took, check out my photography blog: www.DLifeful.com


April said...

Hooray for the victory! I'm sure that is encouraging to you as well as to Naomi, too. Great news! :)

April said...

Umm...I think I just posted this comment on the wrong post-Ha. Daisha, it is suppose to be in regards to the potty training post above. He, he.