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Monday, October 12, 2009

Toy Story

Last Wednesday, since JR had a week off from classes, the two of us took JUST Gideon to see "Toy Story I and II" in the theater in 3-D!! We let G pick the place we ate (Burger King) and he also got to pick out candy to smuggle into the theater.

Except for 3 other teenage girls, we had the theater to ourselves. It was a BLAST!

Naomi, in the meantime, was hanging out with the Burchfields. Apparently Joe (who is G's preschool class) tried on 3 different outfits before Naomi made her arrival. And he took "prodigious good care" of her. I think Joe has a crush on N. :)

In other news...
Naomi started counting this weekend. Saturday, my mom put some marshmallows ("Marmos!") on her plate and N spontaneously counted them as they fell. She got up to 6. So we've been testing her ever since. Today she was "sorting" Tassie's (my parent's dog) dog toys and counted by herself to 10!!! (She's a genius!)

And the sad thing is, I can't take credit for teaching her. She has a pig that the Scott's got her for her birthday that counts. It taught her. But... I let her play with it. :)

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