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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Here's a slide-show of pictures from our first week in Searcy.

These are from the 2nd week (when everyone was sick):

And last week, the kids and I went to Alisa Davidson's house to play with her reflectors (photography equipment that will be in my future). So I snapped some pics of the kids enjoying her fresh-picked tomatoes and big back yard.

From those pictures, I put together this story-board.
Gideon Storyboard

Hope this helps those of you in acute cute withdrawal. :)


Kim Hodges said...

Oh my goodness, that story board has to go in a frame. I don't know how you decide which pictures to frame since they're all so good!!

David, Deborah and Abigail said...

Great pics. I love the story board idea. Next time your in Scotland we'll have to book you for our kids!