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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ok, so... BYE!

Today JR and I dropped of Gideon at his first school experience. Carpenter's Kids is going to be great for him.

Naomi woke up first, as usual. And as I was getting her diaper, Gideon grumpily complained, "Hey, you guys are waking me up."

So I went over and kissed him and reminded him that he needed to get up to get ready for preschool. To which he replied in a deep, husky voice, "5 minutes." (He usually says "couple four more minutes, so I'm not sure when he changed phrases.)

He chatted happily all through breakfast while supervising my lunch-making process.

Yesterday he crawled up in my lap to tell me: "Momma, I'm nervous about keyschool (his word for preschool)."

I asked him why and he explained that he thought all the other kids would eat his lunch. (Thanks PBS and Veggietales for lessons about bullies. Apparently the only lesson that stuck was that kids would take his lunch.)

Anyway, he picked out his blue shirt with his name on it to wear. (a bonus is that the teachers will be able to remember his name ... which he finally says right!!! Up until this weekend, he was calling himself "Gieon" and sounded like a little french kid. But now he says the "D"!!!)

We got him ready and took some pictures:



And a close-up of his lunchbox. This is what we bought with his birthday money from his Grandpa. He LOVES it.

Naomi wanted to get in the pictures.
Thanks for that cameo, Naomi. Nice bed-head.

This is what G was doing while we waited for it to be time for school.

On his way!

Posing with Daddy:

In the car...

As he got out of the car he exclaimed, "I'm going to have so much fun at keyschool!"

Walking in...

Upon entering the classroom, he was shown where to put his lunchbox. Then he turned to me and JR and said, "Ok, so... BYE!"

And this is how we left him.

He's going to have a blast. And I would like to mention that there were no tears on anyone's part today. But I will admit that when I think about him beginning the phase of his life where I will only be one of the major influences does affect me. Today is just another reminder that these precious children that God blesses us with, are just on loan. They are never really ours to hold onto.

Gideon is God's. And God will be right by his side even when I can't be. :)


Tiffany said...

Cool lunch box, Gideon! I hope no bullies took it and ate what was inside.

Kathryn said...

What a great lunchbox! Where did you find it?