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Monday, September 7, 2009

My Favorite Summer Memories

I didn't blog this summer like I had hoped. I was too busy trying to figure out the ins and outs of photo-editing software.

So, instead, I will share some of my top summer memories. In no way will I pretend this is exhaustive... so I will probably add to it as I think of things. :)

"There's no people there!!"
One evening after we first moved in with Debby, we were all 5 in the car heading home. On our way we stopped at CVS to pick up some of Debby's prescriptions. The drive-thru to the pharmacy wound us around the bldg. and around the back. Before we got to the window, we came to a dumpster that had an opening like it was the window. I guess JR wasn't paying attention, b/c the first time we drove around, JR absent-mindedly slowed down and rolled down his window before realizing he was at a dumpster. When he realized his mistake, he said, "There's no people there." And G cracked up. I mean, C-R-A-C-K-E-D UP. I've never seen him laugh so hard without being tickled. Well... we proceeded as normal to the real window. But when we realized they didn't give us everything we needed, we had to pull back around. When JR got to the dumpster, he intentionally rolled down the window and pretended to order some fast food. And mid-sentence, he exclaimed, "Wait, there's no people there!" Again, G lost it. For the rest of the summer (and even sometimes still), we will pull up to dumpsters (or mailboxes) and "order". Gideon still finds it hilarious.

TCBY Fridays
Mainly at the beginning of the summer (more-so than the end of it) our family would eat a small Friday night meal and then treat ourselves to TCBY. The had $3 parfaits on Fridays. :) Most of the time Debby would join us. And about half of the time, the Mosiers were also there. It was a great family time of fun. Gideon would (all on his own) feed Naomi bites of his ice cream from his spoon. I can't tell you how adorable it is to watch your 3 yr. old son share his ice cream voluntarily with his 16 mon. old little sister. He would give her bites from the back of his spoon. And she would just look up at him adoringly and say "tantoo". Also, we ran into another family that had an 8 yr. old girl named Georgia. When G met her he introduced himself, so she in turn told him her name. When Gideon found out her name was Georgia, he exclaimed excitedly, "I call my Momma, Georgia!" To which she replied... "Why?" And G had to admit that he didn't know. (I thought that was hilarious.)

Seeds Family Worship
All summer we have been listening (almost exclusively) to Seeds Family Worship CDs. I CANNOT say enough about these CDs. There are 5 of them and they are all songs from Scripture. If you have visited our Prayer Support blog, you will have heard "Cast Your Cares". (Which is Gideon's current favorite song.) Our entire family is blessed the entire day when we begin our mornings and fill our days with these scriptures put to song. And how wonderful it is to hear our 18 month old (b/c she started doing this last month) begin to recite Jeremiah 33:3 and Phil. 4:6-7. (I think N's favorite song right now is "Call to Me".) BUY THESE CD'S FOR EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!! In fact, the CD's come packaged so that you have an extra to share.

That's all for now... I'm sure I'll add more later.

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