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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Naomi's 17th Monthabirthday

Dude, where has the time gone? Naomi is growing up so fast. And since she talks so much (and wears 2/3T clothing and a size 7 shoe) she seems older than 17 months!

One of my favorite new Naomi-isms is what she does when you ask her a question.

Me: Naomi, do you want ____________?

Naomi: (smiling) No!

Me: By "no" do you mean "yes"?

Naomi: (scrunching her nose with a smile that takes over her face she emphatically nods "yes")


Also, she LOVES to have marshmallows as dessert. However, she usually requests them by pointing to the pantry where we keep them and loudly (remember, this is Naomi) proclaiming:


Her current favorite book that she brings to people to read to her is "Daddy's Girl". But her all-time favorite book that she has us read, or pours over by herself is "Princess Baby, Night-Night". (Grandma Betty, she has literally loved this book to death.) I'm the only one who remembers what the words to the story are b/c she has ripped out so many pages. (I wish they made it in a board-book.) But she can see a torn corner of a page up on the desk (to be re-tapped) and she will start saying, "Baby, nigh-nigh!" (Actually, she has another book by Karen Katz which she loves/loves to tear up.)

Naomi imitates EVERYTHING Gideon does. But most of the time she has this cheeky grin on her face. Like she knows something that we don't.

OH, she is getting much better about staying in Bible class without trauma. She even walked into class last night (with her back-pack on) all by herself.

2 weeks ago I thought she looked so cute headed to Wed. night Bible class that I took a few pictures. Now, she'll have her 18 month photos next month... so this post isn't supposed to be about how cute she is... but really... Could she BE any cuter? :)

(This is her "I can't believe you still have a camera in my face" face.)

2 days ago, Naomi started "giant stepping". She takes HUGE steps. But I think the funniest thing is that she will stop, think about where she wants to go, and while she "idles" she keeps taking the huge steps without covering any ground.

Naomi cracks us up every day. She's really an amazing kid and this blog doesn't do her justice. So... I guess you'll just have to come and hang out with us!



bestockstill said...

What a beautiful little princess she is. I would love to hear her talk and see her expressions. It is so good to get to see all the things on your blog. Love you all.
g-grandma Betty

Deborah said...

SO, SO CUTE!!!!! Those eyes are incredible.